The Happiness Circle
By Vincent Ng Follow | Public

** Latest event: Feast With Strangers- **
Deep down we know that owning the latest gadget, having a big salary or changing our appearance may bring instant pleasure but it won’t bring lasting happiness. If not, then what does?

In our busy lives, we rarely stop to reflect on the questions that matter. Caught in a cycle of achieving, we feel like we are not good enough, burnt out, stressed and anxious. We have forgotten how to be.

At the Happiness Circle, we seek to create safe spaces for people to pause, reflect and look inwardly to discover who who they truly are and what matters to them. We want to create a community that works toward living a life of purpose and making conscious decisions, in an environment of support and acceptance.

Some of our initiatives include:

The Happiness Circle:
Every first Friday of the month, we gather for small group conversations around topics of happiness, fulfillment and meaning. Come experience an evening of reflection, self-awareness and cultivate a genuine connection with a fellow human being. In this space, we can begin small steps in our daily practice towards living a life of purpose and joy.

Feast with Strangers:
Once a month, we bring 2 strangers together and hand them a conversation menu with carefully curated questions that go deeper as the night goes on. Over 2 hours, side step the small talk and head straight for the deep stuff. Come experience an evening of genuine conversation and connection with a complete stranger. Marvel at the diversity in stories, perspectives and experiences we all have.

A cool idea we are looking to explore as the community grows is...

Time Travel Party:
On the last week of 2017, 20 people receive an invitation to a year end party with only the words: "come as you are in 2022". For the entire evening, 19 other people will interact with you as if you are that person. Want to be an author? Come with your books, film deal contracts, sign autographs for your fans and for a night, live your dream! Immerse yourself in one of the most powerful visualization experiences ever created and harness the positive energy to make your dreams a reality.